Our Purpose & Mission:

Help awaken humanity to its spiritual greatness & assist spiritual aspirants in learning how to “reunite” themselves with God.

God is not an ancient superstition. God is a real and living entity, consciousness, force, energy; etc… Therefore, an INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP & DIRECT COMMUNICATION WITH GOD IS POSSIBLE IN THIS LIFETIME.

Heed The Spirit teaches that this relationship can be built through:

  • Having a sincere intention (or desire) to know God;
  • Having a pure heart;
  • By an awareness of our thoughts, words, and the motivations behind our actions;
  • By learning to stay present in the moment;
  • And by scheduling time for daily spiritual practice

In fact, we encourage and promote daily spiritual practice as natural ways to enhance the quality of our lives & our minds.

Our Vision:

By providing the knowledge needed for both personal & global transformation we seek to help create a world of Peace, Love, & Unity. For, ALL IS ONE!

Everyone & everything are interconnected through the essence of “Life”

A Note From Our Founder:

Hello & Welcome!About Me Anthony Profeta Reconnect with God

My name is, Anthony Profeta, and I’d like to personally welcome you to Heed the Spirit. I am a spiritual advisor, meditation teacher, writer, & speaker. I created this site because a message needs to get out to the world – both our planet & humanity are out of balance. We can see the restlessness & instability all around the globe. Citizens of many countries are in protests & uprisings; the hearts of humanity are filled with greed, corruption, violence, the pursuit of power, and all kinds of selfishness.

All these things are happening because we have de-evolved from a spiritual society and slipped into the darkness of a materialistic/politically-correct one. We have forgotten who we really are and where it is we have come from. And therefore, we have strayed from the truth and turned our backs to God & His Law.

Until we relearn these things we will not be able to create a more balanced & better world for ourselves or our children. Until we create peace within, we can not have peace in the outside world. And we need to comprehend that we shall always be restless until we again reunite our souls with God.

God is NOT an ancient superstition. The concept of God may need some updating, but it is a real and living Entity. God loves us very much & wants a relationship with ALL OF US. In fact, He offers us the possibility of entering into a close relationship & having a direct experience of Him, right here and now.

We do not have to wait to reach heaven in order to know God personally. The only thing we must overcome in order to have direct contact with God is – our self. We stand in our own way.

So, many of us feel disconnected & think of God as some external Entity. But, the truth is God is very near to us. He dwells in all things which He has made, and He dwells within the heart of each & every one of His children. We truly are temples of His spirit. And though we may feel “disconnected” the truth is we are NEVER really “separated” from God. If we were we could not exist; for God is the origin of all life. He is the essence of Life itself. He is the ‘Life” which resides in each & every one of us and is the “Life Force” which animates our bodies. The only reason we feel “disconnected” is because we are lacking spiritual awareness.

Therefore, here at Heed the Spirit we are devoted to helping people of any religion regain that awareness of God and build a more intimate and personal relationship. We want everyone to know just how loved they are by God, and directly experience His unconditional love for themselves.

We seek to raise humanity’s consciousness so that we may begin to rise above any limited thinking and reconnect ourselves to the Divine.  WE ARE SOULS, WHICH TAKE ON A BODY! We are spiritual (soul) entities having a physical experience. And we hope to reawaken this memory within you so that you can reach your true potential and re-evolve back into the spiritual entities that God created you to be.

We do not seek to convert anyone from the path they have chosen, but instead, respect differences, and believe that each group can learn from one another. For, we are all members of the same family who just worship our God/Creator in different ways. Therefore, we look for similarities and celebrate the TRUTH, which, if deeply searched for, can be found at the core of all Religions.

Remember, ALL OF US WERE CREATED BY THE SAME-ONE-GOD; and His Truth is always the same regardless of where it is heard.

We hope that by providing knowledge & tools, for both a personal and global transformation, that we can help you see the underlying oneness of all things, and assist you in bringing the “soul self” (the part of us made in the image & likeness of God) into manifestation during your daily living. This way we can create together a world of Love, Peace, & Unity.

I’ve learned that the most important thing we can do is share the knowledge we have. Therefore, I hope that you find this site helpful for your own journey.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. In fact, I’d like to invite you to get involved by commenting or sharing a post of your own. And I thank you ahead of time for any of the wisdom & love that you share.

You can also stay connected by following Heed the Spirit on Twitter. And don’t forget to introduce yourself to our community on the Heed the Spirit Facebook Page. We are a very welcoming, peaceful, & loving group who are seeking a direct experience and intimate relationship with God; and we strive to be of help and/or service to anyone in any way that we can. By coming together as ONE we really can make a difference & create a heaven on earth!

May your days always be filled with love, happiness, & peace! God bless you always!

And remember to always — HEED THE SPIRIT,

Anthony Profeta

Heed the Spirit – Founder