Nurture Your Relationship With God: Seeking God Through Love Brings Us A Direct Experience of Him

Seeking God Heed the Spirit

It’s so important to seek daily communion with God! The more we nurture this relationship the loving devotion the more we will begin to directly experience God’s presence in our Continue Reading →

Delusion Is Only Temporary!

Delusion, We are god's children, wake-up

As souls, we are made in the “image & likeness of God.” This fact can not be changed. Yet, due to our misuse of free-will we suffer & lose sight Continue Reading →

God Has No Form! But, it’s OK to give Him one.

Deeping our deovtion for God

With our physical eyes and other senses we can only perceive matter. But, there are things beyond sense perception that we know to exist. For example, we only see a Continue Reading →

It’s Time We Wake-Up From The Dream

Awaken from the dream of reality, knowing God, finding God is the prupose of our life, One with God

It’s such a shame that so many of us are born, live our lives, and die without ever knowing who we are and why we incarnated into physical form in Continue Reading →

The Universe Is A Mental Creation

Universe, God is Mind, God is consciousness, Mind is all, power of the mind

When talking about Creation, and where the universe came from, it wouldn’t be fair to just say that God can do anything and leave it at that. For, even miracles, Continue Reading →

The Purpose of Life

Spiritual purpose of life, meaning of life

For centuries the question “Why are we here?” has been pondered by philosophers, theologians, scientists, and people of all ages and all races. For all those believing in a Supreme Continue Reading →