Everyday Do Something Good For Someone

Do good to others, be kind, give love, as we sow so shall we reap

Everyday do something good for another. Be kind, compassionate, & loving whenever possible. But, do the good, give the love, and be of service without seeking anything in return. For, if you Continue Reading →

We Can’t Blame God Or Others For Our Lives

Cause & effect, We reap what we show

In truth, nothing & no one can hurt us or hinder us on our spiritual journey; and we have nobody to blame for the state of our lives, except ourselves. Continue Reading →

DESIRELESSNESS – A Beautiful State Of True Happiness & Freedom

desire, desireless, desire causes suffering

Have you ever thought about how misled we are by our desires? We think that by fulfilling a desire we shall obtain happiness; but have you ever noticed that when a desire is fulfilled we are happy for just a moment, and then we immediately begin to chase after another one? Continue Reading →

Blessed Are You When You Are Persecuted For Righteousness (Beatitude 8)

Blessed are those persecuted for righteousness

The importance of doing what we know to be right, regardless of how our actions are being received by friends, and even, enemies. Continue Reading →