Delusion Is Only Temporary!

As souls, we are made in the “image & likeness of God.” This fact can not be changed. Delusion, We are god's children, wake-upYet, due to our misuse of free-will we suffer & lose sight of our true self. In a way, we fall into a dream-like, or forgetful, existence. We think we are awake, but we are really asleep. And therefore, because of this we may view ourselves as sinful & at times even evil in our actions. But the truth is that deep within we are children of God. Whether good or bad, we are always His child; for there is no other Source from which we can come.

It is just that through our misuse of will we have chosen to turn our backs to God and seek our own way. Rather than stay facing the light, we have chosen to turn and gaze into the darkness. But, thank God for His mercy, love, & forgiveness; for the consequence could have been that because of our choice to turn away we would have to stay in darkness forever. But thankfully our life in delusion is only temporary!

The consequence of our choice is that we forget who we truly are, and become strongly identified with the physical body. And as long as we think our physical self is our true reality we suffer. Only once we make the choice to turn ourselves around and face the light again will we put an end to our misery and become an awakened soul. 

But, physical identification is so strong that it may take lifetimes to break free from it’s hold. There is no specific time for how long we will live in forgetfulness. It is actually up to us how long it will take. We will wake up from our dream existence only when we make a conscious choice to remember who we really are.

Therefore, some of us will wake-up quicker than others. Some of us have greater lessons to learn and therefore our graduation onto a new level of consciousness make take a little longer. We do have an eternity to get to where we are headed, but why wait?

All it takes is a conscious effort to seek the truth. The moment we begin to look at things from a new perspective; the moment we stop identifying with a physical finite body and recognize that we are an infinite, eternal soul, we will become conscious of the home that we have left behind & awaken to the wisdom of truth. Through choice and effort we awaken to our self which is made in the image of God & become reunited with the universal soul consciousness.

Finally awakened we shall be living as the spiritual beings we were created to be. In this moment we will understand what is meant by eternal life; in this moment we shall discover true liberation & freedom; and in this moment we shall experience an absorption into a bliss & joy beyond which we have ever experienced and which no words can properly express. The happiness & love which we are all searching for will finally be found.

God bless you on your journey homeward & remember to always —

Heed the Spirit,


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