July 24, 31, & August 7 & 14 – “Reconnecting” with Spirit. (7-9pm)

  • Aquarian Dreams  414 N Miramar Ave, Indialantic, Florida – (321) 729-9495

Sept 6, 13, 20, 28 – “Reconnecting” with Spirit (11am-1pm, except 28th – 3-5pm)

  • Sacred Gardens House of Healing 916 Columbus Ave, Melbourne, Florida (888)-233-1123 

“Reconnecting” with Spirit:  with Anthony Profeta

Everyone of us is created from Spirit; and the truth is we are never really separated from It. Yet, because of a misperception, so many of us don’t fully recognize our Divine heritage; and so, we often feel disconnected from that which is inside of us & all around us.
So, if you would like to learn how to deepen your spiritual relationship, raise your consciousness, & unite yourself more fully to the Spirit within; then please join Anthony for this enlightening 4-week journey of self-discovery.
What you will learn:
• WEEK 1 – Cultivating the perception of Oneness
• WEEK 2 – The ultimate cause of why we feel “disconnected”
• WEEK 3 – The path to “reconnection”
• WEEK 4 – Ways to deepen our attunement & reconnect more fully

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