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If you would like us to add you, friends, or family members into our daily prayers please fill out the form below. There is NEVER a charge for this service.

Beneath the prayer request box there are two additional boxes for: 1:NAME & 2: E-MAIL ADDRESS. We understand if you prefer to remain anonymous, therefore, you may simply write “anonymous” in the space provided for your name. However, when praying for any type of healing it is always best to at least have a person’s first name that way the prayer can be as specific & direct as possible.

And please know that your prayer request is sacred to us.

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Phil Chavez: I'm 43 ,Never been in a relationship..Please Pray GOD brings me (Phil Chavez) women companion for loving relationship in JESUS Name Amen.Pray GOD brings me relationship exceedingly abundantly above what i can imagine in JESUS Name Amen
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Charles: Please pray for peace in the world we need it more than ever!
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Public User: Please pray for me so I may get closer to God, to know and love Him more and more
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Beverly: Please pray for the passengers of Malaysia Flight 370, as well as, their family & friends.
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George: Please pray that peace may enter all hearts.
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admin: Let use come together as one & pray for Peace not only in the Ukraine, but in the world.
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Public User: Let's please pray for peace around the world.
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admin: Let us pray for all those without food, without a home, and without family this Christmas Season. May God nourish them by His word, shelter them in His loving arms, and give them the company of His Spirit.
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Michael: Let us prayer for peace between nations this holiday season.
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Shannon : I dont know if this would qulaify as a prayer,but 15 years ago on dec. 21st my great grandpa passed and there is still alot of unclosure surrounding that incident, he askedfor me before he passed but i was not there and i was wondering if there is a way I can receive the message from him I was never able to get before he passed. Also do we get to meet up with our pets again when we pass away, because I also just had my 20 year old chihuahua "Cha-Cha" pass away and Im having a difficult time dealing with this loss?
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Dear, Shannon Sorry for your loss & we will keep you in our prayers during this time. Yes, of course your grandfather can be contacted; since our soul never dies and in fact lives on after death. However, it is more benefical for the progress of his soul that you pray that he moves along into God's light and progresses on his own spiritual journey. There is a good chance he called for you before he passed because he loved you so much and just wanted to see you & say good-bye before he made his transition into the next life. There is more we could discuss, but I would prefer to contact you thorugh private E-mail rather than posting it on our prayer page. There is a contact page on this site. Or just add your E-mail in another prayer.
admin: Show us the way, O God, so that we may be channels of your Divine Love.
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Sherri: Please pray for me as I have recently lost my job and need to find a new one asap.
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Michael: Please pray for me.
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admin: Let us pray for all those who are without food this Thanksgiving Season.
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