Impatience Is An Obstacle To God Realization

Patience flower, God realization, Cultivating a relationship with God

We live in a world that seeks immediate gratification in everything. And because of this, when we set out on the spiritual path we want to attain God immediately, as well. But, Continue Reading →

How to Attain Enlightenment (or Attune to God)

How to attain enlightenment

Nothing we do can guarantee that we gain enlightenment, God- or Self-Realization, Buddhahood, Nirvana, Salvation, or anything else that you may call it. The grace of God alone accomplishes this awakening Continue Reading →

The Purpose of Life

Spiritual purpose of life, meaning of life

For centuries the question “Why are we here?” has been pondered by philosophers, theologians, scientists, and people of all ages and all races. For all those believing in a Supreme Continue Reading →

5 Things Which Keep Us Feeling Separated From God

How to connect with God

Ultimately, we are never truly “separated” from God. If God’s Spirit didn’t reside in us then we could not exist. For, God is the “Life” of every being. He resides in Continue Reading →

God Wants a Relationship with ALL His Children

Children of God

Though we may be born to different races, raised in different places, and speak different languages; we are ALL children of the same God! I urge anyone who thinks otherwise Continue Reading →