Gratitude: Important for Body, Mind, & Soul

Being Thankful, Thanksgiving, Grateful

Let us strive to begin & end each day with a grateful heart. For, the practice of cultivating gratitude is so important to us physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually.  Now, Continue Reading →

5 Steps to A Happy Life

Steps to a happy life

So many people are looking for happiness. Unfortunately, it remains elusive because most people are searching in things outside of themselves for the happiness they seek. The truth is happiness comes from within. It is Continue Reading →

DESIRELESSNESS – A Beautiful State Of True Happiness & Freedom

desire, desireless, desire causes suffering

Have you ever thought about how misled we are by our desires? We think that by fulfilling a desire we shall obtain happiness; but have you ever noticed that when a desire is fulfilled we are happy for just a moment, and then we immediately begin to chase after another one? Continue Reading →