“Life & death are in the power of the tongue.” – Proverbs 18:21

We live in a culture that bombards us with words. But, iThe power of words, choose what is said carefullyn the sea of political & societal hypocrisy, it seems that our words don’t mean anything anymore. The expression “you have my word” no longer amounts to much. And sadly, we’ve seem to have come to a place where so much is being said that we’d cheapened & devalued words to the point that they are meaningless; therefore, we don’t give much thought to the words we choose.  

But, this is a huge mistake.  We should always think before we speak; & learn to choose our words very carefully. It’s very important to always be aware that words are powerful things of substance. They are tangible things that carry with them a great force.

Our words can create; or they can destroy. Our words can heal; or they can harm. Right speech, therefore, must be something we learn to cultivate at all times; because what comes out of our mouth affects reality. And whether we are aware of it or not, our very words are creating the universe that we inhabit.

For example, the words that we speak to a child, friend, lover, or family member can create or destroy these relationships. Also, the words we choose to say reflect our thoughts, and therefore, they determine a lot about our personality & character. If we speak negatively then we can be sure that our thoughts will tend to be negative and will therefore attract more negative things into our lives. But, if we are careful to keep negative words from our speech, then our thoughts will be less negative as well; thereby, allowing us to attract more positive events & experiences into our lives.

So, the lesson is simple:

Watch your words; and recognize that what comes forth from your mouth isn’t just a harmless combination of letters & sounds. Know that you can brighten or darken someone’s day just by the words that you choose to speak to them. Therefore, be ever watchful over your tongue. By mastering this weapon we have the potential to become a spiritual soldier who is continually giving glory, honor, & praise to God & helping to build up our fellow brethren; rather than a of verbal murderer capable of destroying someone’s self-worth & crushing their spirit. 

God bless you on your journey & remember to always – Heed the Spirit,


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