God is Life!

Some people have asked me, “How can we be made in the image & likeness of God when we all look so different?”

The answer is that you are looking at externals. You are only contemplating this question at a superficial level; & not diving deep enough into this truth. You need to look beyond the skin, deep into the heart.

No matter what we may look like; what the color of our skin is; no matter what gender we may be; no matter what language we may speak, etc…, inside there is an essence God is life, God is the essence of lifewhich is the same for us all. The soul of a person, the energetic force which moves & animates our physical bodies, is one & the same. The “Conscious Life Force” of the body is the same for everyone, and this “Life Force” is God! 

The image of an old man with a long white beard, sitting on a throne in the sky, casting down judgment & punishment upon a disobedient humanity has to be revised.

First of all, God is LOVE, MERCY, & FORGIVENESS! God doesn’t punish anyone; it is we who “punish” ourselves through our own actions & choices. And it’s time we begin to take responsibility for our actions. 

Secondly, God is beyond form. So when it is written that “we are made in the image & likeness of God“, and then we think about this in terms of physical bodies, we are not comparing ourselves to God’s image, we are bringing God to our level and comparing Him with our image. We should never try to comprehend God’s essence in terms of physicality. Although perhaps a case could be made that God has many forms, since He is within all people & things.

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God truly is the life within every living thing. Without God’s essence, that Divine Spark within us, we could not exist. God is the life of creation itself. God is the life within you; the life within me; the life which causes the flower to open to the sun; the life in the birds which cause them to sing out their morning songs; and the life in the universe which cause the stars to be born.

And therefore, we should try to be more conscious of how we act & treat not only people but all other living things. Because the way we treat any living thing is the way we treat God. Perhaps we would view others differently if we realized that though God has no lips, He kisses us through the lips of another; though God has no arms, He holds us in the embrace of another; and though God has not eyes, He sees us through the eyes of everyone. Remember this the next time you are about to act or speak, and think first about how you want to be seen & heard by God.

If we begin to see things from this perspective then we will awaken to the awareness of the oneness of all things. If we can raise our thinking to this level of consciousness we will come to better understand our relationship to God & one other. It is through life that we are one with each other, it is through life that we are one with God, and it is through our conscious-life-energy that we are “made in the image & likeness of God”.  

God bless you on your spiritual journey and may you remember to always…..              

Heed the Spirit,



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