Nurture Your Relationship With God: Seeking God Through Love Brings Us A Direct Experience of Him

Seeking God Heed the Spirit

It’s so important to seek daily communion with God! The more we nurture this relationship the loving devotion the more we will begin to directly experience God’s presence in our Continue Reading →

Impatience Is An Obstacle To God Realization

Patience flower, God realization, Cultivating a relationship with God

We live in a world that seeks immediate gratification in everything. And because of this, when we set out on the spiritual path we want to attain God immediately, as well. But, Continue Reading →

God Has No Form! But, it’s OK to give Him one.

Deeping our deovtion for God

With our physical eyes and other senses we can only perceive matter. But, there are things beyond sense perception that we know to exist. For example, we only see a Continue Reading →

We Will Experience God When We Put Him First In Our Lives

Desire for God, Desiring God, Knowing God, Finding God

In order to experience God, & know Him intimately, we must have no other desire in our heart. We must solely desire God above all other things. It is our Continue Reading →