Impatience Is An Obstacle To God Realization

We live in a world that seeks immediate gratification in everything. And because of Patience flower, God realization, Cultivating a relationship with Godthis, when we set out on the spiritual path we want to attain God immediately, as well. But, unfortunately that is not how God works.

Coming to know God directly takes patience & effort. It takes dedication & perseverance. In fact, many of the world’s mystical traditions describe it as “an arduous journey of the soul.”

We cannot build an intimate relationship with God by just reading a couple of books, going to listen to a sermon once a week, or starting to say a few sporadic prayers. And neither can we attain God-Realization after one day of meditating.

The delicate & precious flowers of spiritual progress take time to cultivate. We must plant the seed, water it, tend to it, weed the surrounding area, but all the while we must be patient; waiting for the flower to grow into existence and bloom. The spiritual seed of God-Realization needs the constant water of prayers, the consistent sunlight of meditation, and continuous nutrients of love in order to transform our lives.

Our hearts will definitely be tested because God wants to know that we are seeking and entering into this relationship solely for Him; and not anything He can give us. And He wants to know that we are willing to wait upon Him, to answer our call, no matter how long it takes. He doesn’t want our seeking Him through some spiritual path to be just some momentary fad. If He finds us to be dedicated, sincere, and passionate, then someday the awaited flower of God-Realization will come into being.

Therefore, I encourage you to sow your seed by making time for God. Let Him know how much you desire a relationship with Him; and show Him how much you love Him through all your spiritual practices. Then wait patiently and persevere in these actions. When you give yourself to God, and He looks into your heart and finds that your love is pure, He will give Himself to you in return. This is God’s promise!

God bless you on your journey; and remember to always — Heed the Spirit,


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    • Thank you Jonathon! We’re very glad you enjoyed what you have read. May your days be filled with an abundance of blessings.

  1. I have actually gone through many of the blog posts published on your internet-site and i must say that each and every single one is written in a very professional manner. You absolutely have some skills here. Don’t quit writing for your blog site.

    • Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. It’s always great to get feedback. God bless you & have a wonderful day.

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