Nurture Your Relationship With God: Seeking God Through Love Brings Us A Direct Experience of Him

Seeking God Heed the Spirit Anthony Profeta Seek God It’s so important to seek daily communion with God! The more we nurture this relationship the loving devotion the more we will begin to directly experience God’s presence in our lives. For, love is an attractive force and as we draw near to God, He begins to draw near to us.

Now although I use this example of drawing near, the truth is we are never really separate from God. His Light of Life dwells within us all. But when we incarnated in matter our spiritual vision became darkened. But, as we commune with God daily, we begin to touch this light more & nurture the flame within us. This light helps us to see through the darkness of ignorance & Maya, and we awaken, or become “enlightened” to the truth of who we are & our oneness with God & the whole universe.

Now there’s no right or wrong way for how you should seek, commune, or spend time with God. That’s up to you — it’s your relationship to cultivate. Some of us may seek God through the scriptures & sacred writings, some of us may seek God through prayer, some through rituals, some of us may seek Him through chanting, some of us may seek God through meditation, and some of us may seek God by spending time in Nature.

There are so many ways to commune & cultivate a relationship with God — AND THANK GOD FOR THAT! For, not all of us like the same activities or get enjoyment from the same things. And the truth is, by giving us access through these numerous doors God is showing us just how much He loves us & desires us to have a relationship with Him.

In fact,  tell you truthfully, that is you can get yourself quiet enough you can actually hear God whispering to your soul: I just want you close to Me, so come however you desire!

God is patiently waiting for us to come to Him so that He can embrace us in His unconditional love. And because each of us has come from God, and is part of Him, since He is the ONLY SOURCE — ETERNAL ENERGY — UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS — PRIMAL VIBRATION — & LIFE FORCE, from which all was created; each & every one of us, has the same ability to come to a direct experience & intimate knowledge of Him & His love. He denies access to no one.

Therefore, never think that God is unavailable to you or that His love is just for a select few. Spiritual masters, saints, holy persons, are not more favored than you are. Each one of you is the apple of God’s eye and He wishes all of us to be in a close relationship with Him. And as we commune daily, we begin to realize that this is the only relationship we really need.

But the key is: No matter how we seek to cultivate our relationship when we seek God we must have no other desire in our heart than that for God alone!

Therefore, REVERENT LOVE IS WHAT COUNTS! Loving God for God — this is what pleases God most.  This is what truly deepens our relationship and opens up the channel of communication and direct experience.

Therefore, if communing through sacred writings then read them as if God is speaking directly to you alone; if communing through prayer open your heart, & pour it out to God, and converse with Him the way you would with your closest & dearest friend; if communing in meditation, sit with alertness & attention to the fact that the whisper of God’s voice may come to you at any moment; if chanting, let your love burst forth in praise & devotion like a volcano; and if our in nature, be open & receptive to the beauty of God which is all around you & shown do us through His creation. Breath that beauty in and let it transform your heart & soul.

Now we can talk about God & His love for days, we can read countless books by enlightened masters, but the truth is that none of us can really understand God & fully comprehend His love until one has a personal experience of these things. Words can’t properly express things of God; and neither can they fully describe the immensity of His love. And so, this is why daily communion is so important, because if we truly desire to know these things we must learn to turn to God through daily devotion & love. Only when we make time for God, put Him first in our lives, and consistently seek communion with Him will a true experience occur.

It’s the personal experience that brings true understanding. And with the understanding comes the lasting peace, happiness, & love we are longing for. This direct experience of God is what the Mystics throughout all the world’s spiritual paths have called Divine Union.

Deep within our soul remembers the union it once had when we were first created. It is longing to feel that oneness again. And most of us don’t recognize that our present restlessness is an inner yearning & cry of our soul.

Our soul is restless because our feeling of oneness & unity became clouded when we incarnated into matter. We don’t fully comprehend that what we are longing for is restoration, of that deep & intimate bond between our soul & God.

Therefore, we go searching for peace, happiness, & love in externals – the people & things of this world. BUT SPIRITUAL DESIRES CAN NEVER BE FULFILLED BY PHYSICAL THINGS. Only when our souls rest again in unity with God can true peace, lasting happiness, and infinite love be found.

St Augustine once wrote:

“Our hearts are restless until they rest in Thee, O God.”

So, what we are supposed to be learning from our physical experience is that seeking our happiness, or looking for unconditional love, in anything other than God is a dead end street.

I’m sure we’ve all had the experience of wanting & desiring something we think is going to make us happy. But what do we really find once we get that thing?

We discover that our happiness is fleeting, it quickly fades, and almost immediately we go searching for something else to make us happy.

If you know what I’m talking about then you know the trap of desire & wanting. You know the trickery of our mind which fools us into thinking our happiness lies in things outside ourselves. And so, if you haven’t already it’s time to stop chasing after the worthless chips of glass (which are external things) and time to take the journey inward & go in search of that priceless diamond of our happiness which is God, alone.

The Bhagavad-Gita says:

“It is the one who is unattracted to the world & devoutly engaged in seeking union of the soul with Spirit who attains lasting happiness an indestructible Bliss.”

Jesus says:

“Bread is what men of the world seek after…but seek first the kingdom of God and all things will come to you.”

When Jesus says “bread is what men of the world seek after” he is not talking just about physical bread. Jesus loved to speak in parables & a cryptic language. bread is a metaphor, symbolic of anything worldly which our desires & appetites crave. Jesus is saying worldly people erroneously think that by fulfilling physical desires, & chasing externals, that they will find happiness. But, in order to find true & lasting happiness we need to fulfill our soul desire — THE DESIRE TO REGAIN OUR ONENESS WITH GOD — THE DESIRE TO COME HOME TO GOD’S KINGDOM. If we seek this first, then all other things will come to us, as well.


Therefore, commune with God daily so that you may come to a personal experience for yourself. And if I may give you one last bit of advice — whenever you make time for God, don’t think you need to approach Him like a beggar. Don’t think that you aren’t worthy enough to be in His presence. He already & always abides within you. Do not yet comprehend that you are a temple of His Spirit.

You have a Divine inheritance, so don’t be afraid to claim it. Lovingly approach God with the knowledge that you are His child. It is written:

“You are gods, all of you children of the Most High.”

Therefore, approach your God & Creator with this mentality and a heart filled with so much love that if another drop were added it would burst. Then call upon Hi and wait patiently until you feel His presence or hear a reply. Eventually, it will come!

This is not my promise, & neither is it the promise of every mystic who has declared the truth of experiencing God throughout the ages, this is the very promise of God, Himself, who said:

  • In the Holy Bible: “You will seek Me & find Me when you seek Me with all your heart.”
  • In the Bhagavad-Gita: “Absorb yourself in Me, be wholely devoted to Me, and you shall reach Me. This I promise you.” 

It may take some time – God loves to play hide & seek – but that’s only because he wants to be sure of our love. Just remember: The perfect lover of God seeks, communes, and loves God for nothing but Himself.

So spend time with God not because you want something from God, but rather because your only desire is to know Him.

Also, when you’re spending time with God, let your mind be totally present and not off somewhere else. Otherwise, your seeking won’t be sincere or strong enough for a personal experience. For, God won’t speak or show Himself until he has your full & undivided attention.

Ramakrishna once said:

“Our desire for God must be as great as a drowning man’s desire for air.”

Therefore, when communing with God be intense in your devotion, extreme in your love, and put nothing in your life before the nurturing of your relationship. If you do this then God will show Himself to you by awakening within your very self.

I pray that each of you may come to this experience in this lifetime.

God bless you on your journey and may your days always be filled with love, happiness, & peace, ~ Anthony



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