5 Steps to A Happy Life

So many people are looking for happiness. Unfortunately, it remains Steps to a happy lifeelusive because most people are searching in things outside of themselves for the happiness they seek. The truth is happiness comes from within. It is a state of being, a contentment with our self & our life. And a belief that we are taken care of & loved by our Creator & God.

So, below are 5 steps which can help to cultivate within us the happiness that we seek.

1. Overcome Negative Mental Attitudes

It may sound cliché, but negative thoughts truly do produce negative results; while positive thoughts draw good & pleasant experiences to us. Therefore, feed your mind with happy, nourishing thoughts, and you will begin to see a happier life begin to unfold for you.

2. Learn to Stop Worrying

We didn’t worry as a little child. Worry is an acquired habit that we picked up from life & the people around us, and it is our greatest energy waster. It depresses the mind & is harmful to the physical body. We most often worry about the Past or Future; and both are irrational, because the past can’t be changed & the future is not here. Know that God is your partner & friend. He wants you to be happy; therefore look to the future with hope & faith. And then affirm that “the past is gone & you no longer carry it with you.” Learn from mistakes, but carry no guilt from them. Change you perspective by allowing any mistakes to become learning experiences.

3. Overcome Any Sense of Inferiority

You are a child of God. He made you; & you are the apple of His eye. No one is better than you, but you are not better than anyone either. We are all on the same journey. We are all here to learn certain lessons. recognize your Divine Heritage; and claim your birthright as a heir to the Kingdom of Heaven & a child of God.

4. Count Your Blessings

Write down everything you have to be thankful for. Are you glad to be alive? Thankful you have a loving family & supportive friends? Are you glad you have a job to pay the bills? Please don’t omit little things either. Write down everything! When you look at the list you’ll realize you have so much more to be thankful for than you even realized.

5. Strive to See the Good in Yourself & Others

When you focus on and look for what’s positive & good in everyone and everything, your perspective begins to change and the world looks so lovely & so much more beautiful. By focusing on the good that’s all we begin to see around us.

These five steps sound easy, but it will take some perseverance & dedication, because the bad habits we have formed will not be corrected in a day. But, a whole new & happier world will begin to unfold the more you stay dedicated to the path. Good luck & God bless you on this journey.

And please remember to — Always Heed the Spirit,


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